“nest” - Matrix type consisting of nested submatrices, each stored separately.


This matrix type permits scalable use of PCFIELDSPLIT and avoids the large memory costs of extracting submatrices. It allows the use of symmetric and block formats for parts of multi-physics simulations. It is usually used with DMCOMPOSITE and DMCreateMatrix()

Each of the submatrices lives on the same MPI communicator as the original nest matrix (though they can have zero rows/columns on some processes.) Thus this is not meant for cases where the submatrices live on far fewer processes than the nest matrix.

See Also#

Matrices, Mat, MATNEST, MatCreate(), MatType, MatCreateNest(), MatNestSetSubMat(), MatNestGetSubMat(), VecCreateNest(), DMCreateMatrix(), DMCOMPOSITE, MatNestSetVecType(), MatNestGetLocalISs(), MatNestGetISs(), MatNestSetSubMats(), MatNestGetSubMats()





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