Changes matrix ordering to remove zeros from diagonal. This may help in the PCLU factorization to prevent a zero pivot.


#include "petscmat.h"  
PetscErrorCode MatReorderForNonzeroDiagonal(Mat mat, PetscReal abstol, IS ris, IS cis)


Input Parameters#

  • mat - matrix to reorder

  • abstol - absolute tolerance, it attempts to move all values smaller off the diagonal

  • ris - the row reordering

  • cis - the column reordering; this may be changed

Options Database Key#

  • -pc_factor_nonzeros_along_diagonal - Reorder to remove zeros from diagonal


This is not intended as a replacement for pivoting for matrices that have ``bad’’ structure. It is only a stop-gap measure.

Should be called after a call to MatGetOrdering().

Only works for MATSEQAIJ matrices

Developer Notes#

Column pivoting is used.

  1. Choice of column is made by looking at the non-zero elements in the troublesome row for columns that are not yet included (moving from left to right).

  2. If (1) fails we check all the columns to the left of the current row and see if one of them has could be swapped. It can be swapped if its corresponding row has a non-zero in the column it is being swapped with; to make sure the previous nonzero diagonal remains nonzero

See Also#

Mat, MatGetFactor(), MatGetOrdering()





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