Determine whether an index set satisfies a given property


#include "petscis.h" 
PetscErrorCode ISGetInfo(IS is, ISInfo info, ISInfoType type, PetscBool compute, PetscBool *flg)

Collective or Logically Collective if the type is IS_GLOBAL (logically collective if the value of the property has been permanently set with ISSetInfo())

Input Parameters#

  • is - the index set

  • info - describing a property of the index set, one of those listed in the documentation of ISSetInfo()

  • compute - if PETSC_FALSE, the property will not be computed if it is not already known and the property will be assumed to be false

  • type - whether the property is local (IS_LOCAL) or global (IS_GLOBAL)

Output Parameter#


ISGetInfo() uses cached values when possible, which will be incorrect if ISSetInfo() has been called with incorrect information.

To clear cached values, use ISClearInfoCache().

See Also#

IS, ISInfo, ISInfoType, ISSetInfo(), ISClearInfoCache()





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