Set known information about an index set.


#include "petscis.h" 
PetscErrorCode ISSetInfo(IS is, ISInfo info, ISInfoType type, PetscBool permanent, PetscBool flg)

Logically Collective if ISInfoType is IS_GLOBAL

Input Parameters#

  • is - the index set

  • info - describing a property of the index set, one of those listed below,

  • type - IS_LOCAL if the information describes the local portion of the index set, IS_GLOBAL if it describes the whole index set

  • permanent - PETSC_TRUE if it is known that the property will persist through changes to the index set, PETSC_FALSE otherwise If the user sets a property as permanently known, it will bypass computation of that property

  • flg - set the described property as true (PETSC_TRUE) or false (PETSC_FALSE)

Values of info Describing IS Structure#

  • IS_SORTED - the [local part of the] index set is sorted in ascending order

  • IS_UNIQUE - each entry in the [local part of the] index set is unique

  • IS_PERMUTATION - the [local part of the] index set is a permutation of the integers {0, 1, …, N-1}, where N is the size of the [local part of the] index set

  • IS_INTERVAL - the [local part of the] index set is equal to a contiguous range of integers {f, f + 1, …, f + N-1}

  • IS_IDENTITY - the [local part of the] index set is equal to the integers {0, 1, …, N-1}


If type is IS_GLOBAL, all processes that share the index set must pass the same value in flg

It is possible to set a property with ISSetInfo() that contradicts what would be previously computed with ISGetInfo()

See Also#

ISInfo, ISInfoType, IS





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