Gets a PetscReal value within a range of values for a particular option in the database.


#include <petscoptions.h>
PetscErrorCode PetscOptionsRangeReal(const char opt[], const char text[], const char man[], PetscReal currentvalue, PetscReal *value, PetscBool *set, PetscReal lb, PetscReal ub)

Logically Collective on the communicator passed in PetscOptionsBegin()

Input Parameters#

  • opt - option name

  • text - short string that describes the option

  • man - manual page with additional information on option

  • currentvalue - the current value; caller is responsible for setting this value correctly. Normally this is done with either

  PetscOptionsRangeReal(..., obj->value, &obj->value, ...)


  value = defaultvalue
  PetscOptionsRangeReal(..., value, &value, &set, ...);
  if (set) {
  • lb - the lower bound, provided value must be greater than or equal to this value or an error is generated

  • ub - the upper bound, provided value must be less than or equal to this value or an error is generated

Output Parameters#


If the user does not supply the option at all value is NOT changed. Thus you should ALWAYS initialize value if you access it without first checking that set is PETSC_TRUE.

The currentvalue passed into this routine does not get transferred to the output value variable automatically.

Must be used between a PetscOptionsBegin() and a PetscOptionsEnd()

See Also#

PetscOptionsInt(), PetscOptionsGetReal(), PetscOptionsHasName(), PetscOptionsGetString(), PetscOptionsGetInt(), PetscOptionsGetIntArray(), PetscOptionsGetRealArray(), PetscOptionsGetBool(), PetscOptionsBoundedInt() PetscOptionsInt(), PetscOptionsString(), PetscOptionsReal(), PetscOptionsBool(), PetscOptionsName(), PetscOptionsBegin(), PetscOptionsEnd(), PetscOptionsHeadBegin(), PetscOptionsStringArray(), PetscOptionsRealArray(), PetscOptionsScalar(), PetscOptionsBoolGroupBegin(), PetscOptionsBoolGroup(), PetscOptionsBoolGroupEnd(), PetscOptionsFList(), PetscOptionsEList(), PetscOptionsRangeInt(), PetscOptionsBoundedReal()







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