The default monitor, prints the timestep and time for each step


#include "petscts.h"  
PetscErrorCode TSMonitorDefault(TS ts, PetscInt step, PetscReal ptime, Vec v, PetscViewerAndFormat *vf)

Input Parameters#

  • ts - the TS context

  • step - iteration number (after the final time step the monitor routine may be called with a step of -1, this indicates the solution has been interpolated to this time)

  • ptime - current time

  • v - current iterate

  • vf - the viewer and format

Options Database Key#

  • -ts_monitor - monitors the time integration


This is not called directly by users, rather one calls TSMonitorSet(), with this function as an argument, to cause the monitor to be used during the TS integration.

See Also#

TS: Scalable ODE and DAE Solvers, TSMonitorSet(), TSDMSwarmMonitorMoments(), TSMonitorExtreme(), TSMonitorDrawSolution(), TSMonitorDrawSolutionPhase(), TSMonitorDrawSolutionFunction(), TSMonitorDrawError(), TSMonitorSolution(), TSMonitorSolutionVTK(), TSMonitorLGSolution(), TSMonitorLGError(), TSMonitorSPSwarmSolution(), TSMonitorError(), TSMonitorEnvelope()





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