Sets the resize callbacks.


#include "petscts.h"  
PetscErrorCode TSSetResize(TS ts, PetscBool rollback, PetscErrorCode (*setup)(TS ts, PetscInt step, PetscReal time, Vec state, PetscBool *resize, void *ctx), PetscErrorCode (*transfer)(TS ts, PetscInt nv, Vec vecsin[], Vec vecsout[], void *ctx), void *ctx)

Logically Collective

Input Parameters#

  • ts - The TS context obtained from TSCreate()

  • rollback - Whether a resize will restart the step

  • setup - The setup function

  • transfer - The transfer function

  • ctx - [optional] The user-defined context

Calling sequence of setup#

  • ts - the TS context

  • step - the current step

  • time - the current time

  • state - the current vector of state

  • resize - (output parameter) PETSC_TRUE if need resizing, PETSC_FALSE otherwise

  • ctx - user defined context

Calling sequence of transfer#

  • ts - the TS context

  • nv - the number of vectors to be transferred

  • vecsin - array of vectors to be transferred

  • vecsout - array of transferred vectors

  • ctx - user defined context


The setup function is called inside TSSolve() after TSEventHandler() or after TSPostStep() depending on the rollback value: if rollback is true, then these callbacks behave as error indicators and will flag the need to remesh and restart the current step. Otherwise, they will simply flag the solver that the size of the discrete problem has changed. In both cases, the solver will collect the needed vectors that will be transferred from the old to the new sizes using the transfer callback. These vectors will include the current solution vector, and other vectors needed by the specific solver used. For example, TSBDF uses previous solutions vectors to solve for the next time step. Other application specific objects associated with the solver, i.e. Jacobian matrices and DM, will be automatically reset if the sizes are changed and they must be specified again by the user inside the transfer function. The input and output arrays passed to transfer are allocated by PETSc. Vectors in vecsout must be created by the user. Ownership of vectors in vecsout is transferred to PETSc.

See Also#

TS: Scalable ODE and DAE Solvers, TS, TSSetDM(), TSSetIJacobian(), TSSetRHSJacobian()







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