Creates a MATHTOOL from a user-supplied kernel.


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode MatCreateHtoolFromKernel(MPI_Comm comm, PetscInt m, PetscInt n, PetscInt M, PetscInt N, PetscInt spacedim, const PetscReal coords_target[], const PetscReal coords_source[], MatHtoolKernelFn *kernel, void *kernelctx, Mat *B)

Collective, No Fortran Support

Input Parameters#

  • comm - MPI communicator

  • m - number of local rows (or PETSC_DECIDE to have calculated if M is given)

  • n - number of local columns (or PETSC_DECIDE to have calculated if N is given)

  • M - number of global rows (or PETSC_DETERMINE to have calculated if m is given)

  • N - number of global columns (or PETSC_DETERMINE to have calculated if n is given)

  • spacedim - dimension of the space coordinates

  • coords_target - coordinates of the target

  • coords_source - coordinates of the source

  • kernel - computational kernel (or NULL)

  • kernelctx - kernel context (if kernel is NULL, the pointer must be of type htool::VirtualGenerator*)

Output Parameter#

  • B - matrix

Options Database Keys#

  • -mat_htool_min_cluster_size <PetscInt> - minimal leaf size in cluster tree

  • -mat_htool_max_block_size <PetscInt> - maximal number of coefficients in a dense block

  • -mat_htool_epsilon <PetscReal> - relative error in Frobenius norm when approximating a block

  • -mat_htool_eta <PetscReal> - admissibility condition tolerance

  • -mat_htool_min_target_depth <PetscInt> - minimal cluster tree depth associated with the rows

  • -mat_htool_min_source_depth <PetscInt> - minimal cluster tree depth associated with the columns

  • -mat_htool_compressor <sympartialACA, fullACA, SVD> - type of compression

  • -mat_htool_clustering <PCARegular, PCAGeometric, BounbingBox1Regular, BoundingBox1Geometric> - type of clustering

See Also#

Matrices, Mat, MatCreate(), MATHTOOL, PCSetCoordinates(), MatHtoolSetKernel(), MatHtoolCompressorType, MATH2OPUS, MatCreateH2OpusFromKernel()







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